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Online Screening:

Connect With Film: Neurodivergent Short Film Programme

Saturday 22nd – Sunday 23rd June, 2024


Available to watch from Saturday 22nd June, 12pm (noon) – Sunday 23rd June, 12am (midnight). 

Live action and animation programme celebrating neurodivergent filmmakers, just in time for Autistic Pride, Neurodiversity Pride and Learning Disability Week (all in the same week!). 

This programme has been co-curated by Daydream Cinema and GCT (Gosforth Civic Theatre) Dance Development group and was originally screened at Gosforth Civic Theatre for our first ever Daydream Cinema Day in April.

There are also 2 spooky bonus films at the end of the programme, which were screened before a documentary on Daydream Cinema Day.

Content notes: More information about content is listed with each film. This screening is advised for audiences age 12 or over to adult. It is NOT suitable for young children.

Access: All of the films feature Descriptive Subtitles.

Watch the films on YouTube on the link below. Available to watch from Saturday 22nd June at 12 noon for 36 hours only.

Watch here:


Connect With Film: Neurodivergent Short Film Programme

Film list

Line Dancers (2024)

Directed by Jem Clancy

Digitally animated standing and wheelchair dancers share their joyful movements.

Content notes: N/A

Two One Two (2023)

Directed by Shira Avni

Award-winning filmmaker Shira Avni combines shimmering clay on glass animation with personal archives in this deeply intimate, experimental animated documentary love letter to motherhood, parenting on the spectrum, and two headed monsters everywhere.

Content notes: N/A

Sandstone and Concrete (2023)

Directed by Headspace Bolton

A lament on a post-industrial town centre from the perspective of a native.

Content note: N/A

Rose’s Nose (2022)

Directed by Imogen King, Lexi Rory Allen, David Easson, Jessica Jobson, James Crozier, Jamie Wilson

Rose knows a lot about people due to their amazing nose that can smell everything – even people’s emotions. That is, until Rose catches a cold…

Content notes: N/A

Paper (2024)

Directed by Reuben Gayle

An artist interacts with the cut-out animated character they’ve created

Content note: N/A

Butch (2023)

Directed by Adam Cox

Butch is a man with a secret – on the full moon, all is revealed!

Content Note: Mild comedic horror

The Minotaurs Strange Past (2022)

Directed by Sam John Barrett

Inspired by George Frederick Watts’ paintings, this fun 2D animation tells the backstory of the Minotaur.

Content Note: Animated violence to an animal.

Teach Me (2021)

Directed by Anna Cottrill

A documentary exploring the experiences of children at UK schools with individual special educational needs using childlike paper cut-outs and school supplies.

Content note: N/A

(Un)Fit to Work (2022)

Directed by Yasmin Godo

A disabled mechanic takes us on a musical journey of 80’s Disco & Ballroom through his imagination, after he’s denied access to apply for the job he’s best suited for at his local Job Centre.

Content note: Ableism, disability discrimination.

There is an introduction to the film by it’s director, Yasmin Godo, who talks about creating the film.


The Hounds of Annwn (2023)

Directed by Beth B Hughes, Bryony Evans

A wounded warrior returns to their village but is hunted by a pack of dogs.

Content Note: Animal and human violence, animated bloody scenes, dark/horror theme.

An Interview With A Millenial Fangirl (2022)

Directed by Sharon Sibyl Gatt

Mockumentary-style short depicting the history of the millennial fangirl. Let Sharon Sibyl Gatt take you back to the dawn of the internet.

Content notes: One instance of strong language (swearing).

Girl Coded (2023)

Directed by Grace Valerie-Lynette

Ambitious tech nerd Robbie is keen to hack into her high school’s anonymous gossip page to garner popularity, enlisting her loyal friend Ruth to help.

Tensions grow and Ruth reveals a secret that blows their project (and friendship) wide open.

Content note: Sexual language, three instances of strong language

You can vote for your favourite live action and animated short film using the online form here (coming soon).


Two spooky short films will screen at the end of the programme:

Will of the Handbag (2023)

Directed by Beacon Films BFI Film Academy

5 minutes

Fashion fan Will Wood dreams of finding the missing last handbag of infamous designer; DaVinci Handbagovich. They search a museum for clues where they stumble upon a shocking surprise…

Content notes: Comedy horror themes, mild gore.

The Unwelcome Visitor (2024)

Directed by Adam Fay

1 minute

A young man is haunted by a mysterious visitor and an ouija board reveals a terrifying message.

Content notes: theme of death.

A young man looks scared by something off camera as he stands in a wooded area.

Daydream Cinema Day is supported by Film Hub North with National Lottery funding on behalf of the BFI Film Audience Network.

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